Friends Newsletters 2010

Friends Newsletters 2010Newsletter November 2010

Chairman’s Letter – by Sydney Aynsworth

The Future of Museums

Account of BAfM Conference at Selborne – by Joan Russell

Russell-Cotes Museum Visit 10th July 2010

Museum Officer’s Report September 2010 – by Alison Firth

Newsletter September 2010

Heritage Open Days at Gosport Museum Services – by Erica Munro

Report of the AGM 10th May 2010

Museum Services in Gosport Discovery Centre – by Janet Wildman

VE Day 1945

Newsletter May 2010

Chairman’s Report – by Sydney Aynsworth

Minutes of AGM 22nd April 2009

Agenda AGM 10th May 2010

Newsletter March 2010

Chairman’s Letter February 2010 – by Sydney Aynsworth

Rock Star – Geology Talk

Discovery Centre Pride of Place Case

Museum Manager’s Report – by Erica Munro

Newsletter January 2010

Newsletters Editors Report – by Ian Jeffery

Discovery Centre Open Art Prize – by Wendy Redman

Gosport Museum Service Provision in 2009 – by Janet Wildman

Friends of Gosport Museum Christmas Party – by Ian Jeffery