Friends Newsletters 2007

Newsletter November 2007

Thanks to Bob Whiteley Previous Newsletter Editor – by Ian Jeffery

Many Thanks to Retiring Committee Members

Hampshire County Council Museum Service Chilcomb House – by Felicity Anderson

Fort Gilkicker (part1) – by David Moore

Newsletter August 2007

Alison Marsh Wedding & First Coffee Morning

Gosport and the Tram: The Horse Drawn Years

George Wither (1588 – 1667) and the Vill of Gosport

Mud Cottage

Newsletter June 2007

Mary Payne Death

Herakles Lecture

Chilcomb House Winchester

AGM 31st October 2007

Mary Payne, Late Secretary – Joan Russell

Newsletter April 2007

Lecture HMS Warrior by Maurice Hutty

Ancient Greeks Exhibition

Coach Trip to Chilcomb House Winchester

Alison Marsh new Community Curator

Newsletter February 2007

Priddy’s Hard

The Priddy’s Hard Fortifications – Joan Russell

THe 1759 Fort at Priddy’s Hard – Bill Mansfield

Newsletter January 2007

Christmas Party & Presents for War Memorial Hospital

Gosport’s New Community Curator – Alison Marsh

Available in the Discovery Centre

Some Events at the Discovery Centre – January to March 2007