Friends Newsletters 2005

Newsletter November 2005

Summer Coach Trip to Lacock Abbey – Mary Colyer

Nelson – The Admiral and the Man – Bob Whiteley

Natural Science Collections and the Museums Service – Chris Palmer

Curator’s Corner – Ooagh Palmer

Library of Celsus – Bob Whiteley

Newsletter September 2005

Special – Remembering David Kemp 1944-2005

Articles Remembering by 11 members of FoGM and Staff of the Museum Service

September Newsletter David Kemp 2014

Newsletter August 2005

FoGM Summer Social – Mary Payne

Four Pages of Colour Photos of Members at the Summer Social

Curator’s Corner – Across the Board – Oonagh Palmer

Christmas Party

Newsletter June 2005

Annual General Meeting

Memories of VE Day – Mary Duly – Joan Russell – Margaret Roberts

Curator’s Corner – Oonagh Palmer

Newsletter April 2005

Grange Airfield Museum HMS Sultan

An Appeal from SEARCH – Janet Wildman

An Archacological Journey at the DC with Kay Ainsworth – Joan Russell

Queen Victoria’s Arch Revealed

Planned Developement of Gosport Railway Station – Robert Whiteley

David Lawrence 1926-2005 – Ted Brett

Newsletter February 2005

September Coach Trip to Lacock Abbey, Village and Museum

Introducing Tim Wills and the new Discovery Centre – Tim Wills

Remembering Summer 1945

Newsletter January 2005

Friends Christmas Party

SEARCH – Hampshire Museums’ Hands-on Centre – Janet Wildman

Visiting Museums in Norfolk – Rosemarie Gibaud

Sixty Years Ago – Summer 1945

Beryl Peacey Local Historian, Teacher and Co-Author – Joan Russell

Earlier newsletters will be added as I am able to scan and add them .

I believe I have all bar one back to the start of the Friends of Gosport Museum, the first one being December 1990. It is possible that there is a missing one between the May 1991 and January 1992 editions . I you have one between those dates, please may I borrow it to scan it. It them can be added to this web site. I will return the original to you