Friends Newsletters 2015

Friends Newsletters 2015Newsletter November 2015

Chairman’s Letter – by Sydney Aynsworth

Madame Marie de Tocqueville (Mary Mottley) – Maggie Ventham

The Diary of Martha Georgiana Loftus Tottenham 1883 Introduction
(by Yvonne Riddell)
Two Recent Exhibitions at the British Museum – by Yvonne Riddell
Curators Report to the Joint Management Committee 8th October 2015

Newsletter September 2015

Chairman’s Letter – by Sydney Aynsworth

Flight – The Human Factor – by Ashley Morgan

The Silk Road – by Yvonne Riddell

Sorry, I am Short of an Item or Two – Items to Add

Newsletter July 2015

Chairman’s Report to the AGM 7th May 2015 – by Sydney Aynsworth

Royal Connections to Gosport – by Janet Wildman

Coincidence (Yorkshire) – by Mary Duly

My Time at Our Museum – Conversations with Jack! (Poole)

Newsletter May 2015

AGM 7th May

Articles for the Newsletter – by Yvonne Riddell

Gosport Museum ‘Partnership’ Meeting – by Maggie Ventham

Youth OPen Art Public Award Winner

From BAfM ‘E’ Newsletter

Get Involved First Request for Gallery Volunteers – by Erica Munro

Newsletter March 2015

‘Reminiscence Session’ at SEARCH – by Maggie Ventham

YouthOpen Art Exhibition 17th Jan to 21st Feb – by Mary Duly

Monthly Meeting of the Friends of Gosport Museum – by Yvonne Riddell

Christmas Puddings! – by Maggie Ventham

Gosport Heritage Open Days 10th to 13th September – by Terry Rhodes

Newsletter January 2015

First of the New Style of Newsletter

FoGM Event November 2014

A Week in the Life of the Community Engagement and Learning Officer for Hampshire Cultural Trust SE Area – by Janet Wildman

Curators Report – by Erica Monro