Friends Newsletters Index

This page gives an index of the Friends of Gosport Museum Newsletters to a Page per Year.

I hope to add all the Newsletters that have been produced since the beginning of the Friends of Gosport Museum. I have added an example of what you will find in one of the newsletters for that year.

The next Newsletter to cover May/ June, (March/ April as the Spring issue is having its final check and should be available shortly), is due in the beginning of May  2019, though will be published after the AGM on the 15th May. If you have items, information or photographs for that edition please can you let me have it by 26th April. or to 11 Harcourt Road, Gosport, Hants PO12 3NR

Newsletter of 2020 – Venue Managers Report -Plans

Newsletters of 2019 – Joan Russell Memorial

Newsletters of 2018 – Martha Totenham

Newsletters of 2017 – James Herbert Fisher

Newsletters of 2016 – Restoring 5 Grange Farm

Newsletters of 2015 – A Week – Community Engagement/ Learning Officer

Newsletters of 2014 – Admiral Robert Fitzgerald Gambier

Newsletters of 2013 – Cluedo in Museum ‘Mystery of the Murdered Maid’

Newsletters of 2012 – Henry Duncan Preston Cunningham RN JP

Newsletters of 2011 – Count Giorgio Emanuel Charles Augustus des Geneys

Newsletters of 2010 – Gosport Museum Service Provision in 2009

Newsletters of 2009 – Radcliffe a Nurse Looks Back (part1)

Newsletters of 2008 – New Direction for the Friends (coffee meeting)

Newsletters 0f 2007Fort Gilkicker

Newsletters of 2006 – Discovery Centre and Museum

Newsletters of 2005 – David Kemp and Photos from Summer Party

Newsletters of 2004 – Museum on the Mezzanine

Newsletters of 2003 – Appledumpling Bridge

Newsletters of 2002 – Change of Museum Curator

Newsletters of 2001 – End of the Ritz Cinema

Newsletters of 2000 – The Thorngate Family

Newsletters of 1999 – Jessie White Mario

Newsletters of 1998 – Friends Buy Snape Painting

Newsletters of 1997 – Gosport’s Unknown Writer

Newsletters of 1996 – Friends buy Computer for Museum

Newsletters of 1995 – New Style Newsletter

Newsletters of 1994 – Royal Naval Normandy Veteran 50 Years On

Newsletters of 1993 – Our Museum Building – Margaret Roberts

Newsletters of 1992 – Volunteers Section

Newsletters of 1991 – Inaugural or First Annual Meeting 20th May 1991

Newsletters 0f 1990 – First Newsletter/ Inaugural Meeting 22nd Oct 1990

I believe I have all bar one back to the start of the Friends of Gosport Museum, the first one being December 1990. It is possible that there is a missing one between the May 1991 and January 1992 editions. If you have one between those dates, or any newsletters which are not on this web site, please may I borrow it to scan it. They can then be added to this web site. I will return the original to you